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High resolution old and contemporary photographs of Churches and other places of Worship in Llanwonno (Llanwynno) in the county of Glamorgan (Sir Morgannwg) in South Wales, part of the United Kingdom.

Places of worship in Llanwonno (Llanwynno).

Glamorgan, Llanwynno Church of St Gwynno - Summer Solstice 2006

Glamorgan, Llanwynno Church of St Gwynno - Summer Solstice 2006

The above photograph - and the one top in the right hand column - were taken by Mr Richard Alun Jenkins during the summer solstice in 2006. I am delighted that Richard has chosen to share his excellent photos of the Llanwonno Church with us all. There are an unbelievable 10,000 recorded burials within these ancient church walls. Probably the most famous of these was Guto Nythbran - otherwise Griffith Morgan (1700-1827) - famed for his speed of foot.

Whether you have just taken a photograph, or whether you have old photographs or postcards, I would be delighted to display an image of your place of worship in the county of Glamorgan on this website - regardless of your faith - please email me high resolution photographs of your church, chapel, mosque, synagogue or whatever here

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If you have any pictures of any churches, cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries or other places of worship in the United Kingdom, then please scan them in at a high resolution, but at least 1280 pixels width, and email them to me here.

Not just a photo of the outside of your Church, but also of the people that use it, of the interior, and even of the graveyard and the more interesting graves.

In addition, if you want to tell us about your special Church, then we will display your story, so as every visitor may learn and appreciate what your Church is about.

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Glamorgan, Llanwonno Church of St Gwynno

Glamorgan, Llanwonno Church of St Gwynno


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