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High resolution old and contemporary photographs of Churches and other places of Worship in Cooling in the county of Kent in England, part of the United Kingdom.

Kent, Cooling, St James's Church, Pip's Graves

Kent, Cooling, St James's Church, Pip's Graves.The image is kindly shared with us by Mr. Rob Cox.

In the churchyard of this 13th century church lay the graves of 13 infants, none of whom reached their second birthday. Ten of the infants died in the late 18th century, and came from one family - the Comports. The other three infants were laid to rest in the early 19th century, and were from the Rose-Baker family.

The graves - known as Pip's graves - were made famous by Charles Dickens in his novel
'Great Expectations'.

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If you have any pictures of any churches, cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries or other places of worship in the United Kingdom, then please scan them in at a high resolution, but at least 1280 pixels width, and email them to me here.

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