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Somerset, Cleeve Abbey, The Refectory 1920's

Somerset, Cleeve Abbey, The 15th century Refectory in the 1920's


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High resolution old and contemporary photographs of Churches and other places of Worship in Cleeve in the county of Somerset in England, part of the United Kingdom.

Somerset, Cleeve Abbey 1910's

Somerset, Cleeve Abbey 1910's

Cleeve Abbey, near the town of Washford in Somerset, was founded in the 12th century as a monastery of the Cistercian Order. it was closed during the 1530's by King Henry VIII's 'Dissolution of the Monasteries', to become a private home, and later to be used as farm buildings. It was realised in the 19th century that there was a need to preserve such a historic set of buildings, and nowadays Cleeve Abbey is under the care of British Heritage.

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Somerset, Cleeve Abbey, Chapter House

Somerset, Cleeve Abbey, Chapter House


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