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The wonderful memories below are kindly shared with us by Mr. Trevor Storey.

Durham, Byers Green, Old folks party in the Picture Hall

Durham, Byers Green, Old folks party in the Picture Hall -
This picture taken in the old picture hall (which was sited just above the bottom chapel) was taken in the very early 1950's and shows many of the older folk attending a Christmas Party at that time. Many people from Byers Green will recognise numerous faces and some will readily know the names of several of those who enjoyed the evening.

Durham, Byers Green, Empire Day 1916 - certificate given to Nora Storey on Empire Day in 1916

Durham, Byers Green, Empire Day 1916 - In the First World War, support for our sailors and soldiers came from even the youngest members of Byers Green's community as this certificate which was presented to Nora Storey on Empire Day, 12th May 1916. Nora was then aged only 6 years, and no doubt received help from her parents in supporting the war effort, but such a beautiful acknowledgement (now preserved in the family bible) demonstrates the universal belief and comradeship which most clearly existed at that time.
In later years Nora met and married Alec Tervit who served in the Second World War.

Old Photos of Byers Green (Page II) in the County of Durham, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Old Photos of Byers Green (Page II) in the County of Durham in England.

Durham, Byers Green, Booths Stores

Durham, Byers Green, Booths Stores.

Many of the pictures on this page are kindly shared with us from the collection of Mrs Eileen Nutter, who hopes that this picture of 'Booth's Stores' will stir the memories of many older Byers Greeners. The precise date that the picture was taken is unknown, but nonetheless the photograph will be of immense interest, and bring back memories of this bygone era when tea could be bought for one shilling and sixpence a pound (equates to 7.5 pence per pound).

Durham, Byers Green, Water Carnival in 1908

Durham, Byers Green, Water Carnival in 1908.

Not many people will know that Byers Green used to hold a Water Carnival but, as this collection of photographs donated by Eileen Nutter (nee Goundry) clearly demonstrates, dozens of villagers participated in all kinds of water based sports on a fine Summers day in 1908.

Some might be aware that opposite the lane leading down to the River Wear there used to be a cottage - this location also being where a very small rowing ferry would offer transport across the river, perhaps used mainly by miners who worked at the pits at Brancepetrh and Page Bank.

Trevor Storey can remember his Father pointing to some rotting stumps sticking up from the river bed in the 1950's and telling him that in addition to the ferry there was once also some form of a bridge over the river at this point. Included in this collection is a fine picture of a group of children posing on the bridge - albeit it is noted as a temporary bridge.

Can anyone else add to this unique collection of photographs which will captivate the interest of anyone who has connections with the village ?.

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Durham, Byers Green, Cenotaph unveiling in the 1920's

Durham, Byers Green, Cenotaph unveiling in the 1920's - like all towns, villages and cities throughout the United Kingdom, Byers Green erected a permanent memorial to those who had paid the ultimate price in the Great War. These memorials were erected all over the U.K., and most of these were unveiled in the early 1920's.

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