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Lancashire, Didsbury 1910's

Lancashire, Didsbury 1910's.

Old Photos of Didsbury in Lancashire in England, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Old Photos of Didsbury in Lancashire in England

Lancashire, Didsbury, Fog Lane c.1900

Lancashire, Didsbury, Fog Lane c.1900 - Two Victorian girls pose with their bicycles. - This picture and the pictures of Wilmslow Road and Catterick Hall Lodge are kindly shared with us from the collection of Mr. David Wilkins.

There were no cotton factories in the area in 1900 as far as I am aware. In fact the nearest factory was built in 1911, about two miles away in Burnage - the Renold Chains factory. Didsbury and neighbouring Withington and Fallowfield was a dormitory district for the people who worked in the shops and warehouses of the city of Manchester and was still quite rural in 1900. There were also many large villas in which the wealthy merchants and traders lived; at this time Manchester was 'Cottonopolis' and the Manchester Exchange, where cotton was traded, was of economic importance on a world scale.
It was after WW1 before the growth of Manchester encompassed this district and then extensive estates of council houses began to be built.

In 1915/16 Catterick Hall was the residence of Charles G. Renold, a director of Hans Renold Ltd.
By 1920 the estate had been acquired by Manchester Corporation and it announced that 250 concrete council houses were to be built on the land, at an average cost of £975 each.
(History courtesy of Mr. David Wilkins).

Lancashire, Didsbury, Catterick Hall Lodge on Fog Lane c.1910

Lancashire, Didsbury, Catterick Hall Lodge on Fog Lane c.1910

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Lancashire, Didsbury, Wilmslow Road

Lancashire, Didsbury, Wilmslow Road

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