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Old Photos of Town Moor in Northumberland in England, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Old Photos of Town Moor in Northumberland in England

Northumberland, Town Moor Bus 1965

Northumberland, Town Moor Bus in June 1965

Chris Morgan informatively writes: This picture is of a Leyland Atlantean bus of Newcastle Corporation Transport, first registered in 1965. It is at the terminus for inbound Route 45 buses outside the Central Railway station.

The old trolley bus wires still show on Neville Street outside Newcastle Central Station. They were all removed in February 1966 (The Trolleybuses of Newcastle upon Tyne, T P Canneaux and N H Hanson).

The bus is going to the Town Moor for The Hoppings (the biggest fair in Britain – although Hull and Nottingham may disagree), held each year in June, so this dates the picture to a day in June 1965.

The outbound 45 route went to Gosforth, so this must have been a supplementary only going as far as Grandstand Road – where there used to be a special turning point for fairground bound trolleybuses. I can’t make out the words on the upper destination board screen.

This is a rather rare picture, the trolleybuses ran on routes 31, 31A and 31B to Gosforth and were replaced by new Leyland Atlantean buses in February 1964. Prior to that date there were a number of duplicate trolleybuses that ran to the Blue House corner where the Great North Road was joined by Grandstand Road. A turning point was just around the corner of Grandstand Road. I can't recall what numbers those trolleybuses would have carried, probably 31.

From 1964 the 31, 31A and 31B routes were replaced by motor bus routes 45, 46 and 47. The duplicate 45s ran to the Town Moor only for a fairly short period of years, supplanted by the growing numbers of car users. Even when they ran, it was only for one week a year, Race Week, when the Tyneside Hoppings were on the Town Moor. Just 7 days, afternoon and evenings only, from Saturday to Saturday, with no fair operating on Sunday.


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