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Old Photos of Harborne in Staffordshire in England, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Old Photos of Harborne in Staffordshire in England

Staffordshire, Harborne, John Mappin born 1796

Staffordshire, Harborne, John Mappin born 1796.

The story and pictures of John Mappin are kindly shared with us from the colection of Mr Ben Hall.

John Mappin was born in London in 1796. He later became a surgical instrument maker, and plied his wares from a premises in 88, Newall Street, Birmingham. His home however was in the quiet village of Harborne in Staffordshire, where he lived at Westborne Villa on Victoria Road.

In 1876 he had this desire printed on the back of the above cabinet card (cartte de visite).

Staffordshire, Harborne, John Mappin's desire

Staffordshire, Harborne, John Mappin's desire.

On the 1881 census, John Mappin is a widower, still living at the above address in Harborne, and he has surrounded himself by family members that included a daughter in law, his grand-daughter - Ann Lucy (Mappin) Fletcher, Ann Lucy's husband - Frederick William Fletcher, and his great grandson William Fletcher - aged just 8 months.

John Mappin sadly passed away later that year (1881).

This anecdote passed down by generations of John Mappin's descendants makes for interesting reading.:-
"In Manchester [John Reynolds] didn't find anything interesting, so he walked south to Birmingham. There he called on a man named John Mappin who dealt in surgical instruments hoping that he could get a job. He was told that there was no work for him. As he stood interviewing on the front porch, the John Mappin's daughter, aged eighteen, was standing in the hall. She overheard the conversation and was able to get a look at the young man, my grandfather. John Mappin had thirteen children in all. His daughter in the hallway was rather frustrated at the time since she and her sister had arranged to have a double wedding with two young doctors. Her young doctor, however, had recently left this world due to an attack of smallpox. She thought John Reynolds did not look too bad so as he was walking away, she climbed out of a window and ran after him. She caught up with him and they both walked back to Liverpool and had eighteen children."

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