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Old Photos of Kinver in Staffordshire in England, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Staffordshire, Kinver Village, old photo of the Vine Inn on the right and the Lock Inn on the left - since demolished

Staffordshire, Kinver Village c.1910.

Kinver is a village in the historic county of Staffordshire in the West Midlands of England.

Kinver Village and Staffordshire and Worcester Canal with Light Railway

Although the above image is not specifically of the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal as it passes through Kinver, there is excellent detail, not only of the wharf, but also of the Vine Inn (on the right) and the Lock Inn (on the left, since demolished). The only thing missing is a clear view of a boat working through the lock, although an enlargement of the central image shows a working boat just heading off behind the Vine.

Also visible to the left of the tall dark tree (partially obscuring the Lock Inn) is one of the Kinver Light Railway tram cars that used to run between Kinver and the Fish Inn at Amblecote, via Wollaston and Stourton. The railway opened in 1901 and offered a half-hourly service for Wolverhampton residents to visit this popular Staffordshire tourist spot; a distance of just over 4 miles. The one caught here is obviously 'on the move', as it is slightly blurred. The railway closed in 1930, and whilst little actually remains today, the route can be followed nearly all the way. I would date the photo to around 1910, or earlier.


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staffordshire, kinver, old photo of the edge view hotel

staffordshire, kinver, old photo of the edge view hotel

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